What to Wear for Your Couples Session!

We're so excited to shoot with you!

We’re gonna capture some amazing moments and create some incredible images together, and part of that is the two of you looking and feeling your best! We know it can be difficult to decide on your outfits for a couples session, so we’ve created this guide to make it easy for you!! You’ll also find a link to a Pinterest board at the bottom of the page that has photos of whats worked well for other couples for inspiration! 


The most important thing is that you feel like yourselves. The guidelines below are based on what has worked well and not-so-well for couples we’ve shot with in the past, but ultimately your shoot is about the two of you! What really matters is that you guys can see yourselves in the photos and have an amazing experience together! If you are feeling unconfident, awkward or not yourself in what your wearing, it won’t matter how good your clothes look!


Again wear what you feel comfortable and confident in! Wearing an outfit that doesn’t quiet fit right, or you have to fidget with every time you move will distract you from each other, and make it harder to capture authentic moments between the two of you! During your shoot we will be moving around a lot, so wear something you can do that in! This also means we would recommend wearing shoes that are easy to walk-in/remove! It definitely is not fun walking on lava rock or sand in heels!

A lot of couples choose to bring multiple outfits to their shoot, and we think thats great! Normally one more dressed-up outfit and one more casual/fun outfit or swimsuits is a great choice!  A standard 1 hour shoot, usually allows for 1-2 outfits, and a 2 hour adventure shoot gives us time for 2-3. Keep in mind the more you change, the less time we have for shooting! 

If we’re shooting in Maui, know that it is *very* windy so we would definitely recommend against wearing shorter dresses or skirts unless you want to be fighting to keep it down the whole time! 


We recommend sticking to earthy/muted/deeper tones! More muted colors tend to photograph better, this doesn’t mean you have to wear only plain brown colors, it just means sticking to colors that happen in the natural world! So if you wear green, go towards a darker green/jade color, or if you wear orange, go towards a rust color, or if you wear yellow, go towards a mustard/gold! Greys/blacks/whites also work great!

Also think about the colors of the environment we will be shooting in! Will we be in a green jungle, black sand, white sand, ocean views? All of these things could be the background for our shoot, so think about what colors would complement what! For example, if we’re shooting in a green field, you might not want to wear a green dress!


If you wear patterns, make sure that your pattern is not super distracting! The simpler the better when it comes to this! You can also compliment them with solids! Layering a denim or plain jacket over a patterned dress is a great idea, or having your partner wear a solid shirt while you have the pattern also works great!

We would also recommend against wearing anything with large logos on the front!


Don’t be afraid to accessorize! A fun hat or cool jacket can totally level up your outfit and make it more unique to you! If you’re unsure about it, it can’t hurt to bring just in case!


Your couples shoot doesn’t have to be just pictures of the two of you loving on each other (don’t worry, we will definitely get a lot of those!) We seriously love when couples incorporate their hobbies/interests into their shoot! Its just another thing that can make your couples session more authentic and unique to you guys! This could mean bringing your surfboard, skateboard, or bikes, going to get shave ice, having a pizza picnic, shooting in the back of your truck or jeep or anything else that you guys love! If you have something in mind definitely let us know before hand, and we can make sure it’ll work with the location, and get it figured out!


If we’re shooting on the beach or by the water then why not throw on your swimsuits and jump in the ocean?! (Or just jump in the water in whatever else your wearing!) When it comes to swimwear choices, the guidelines above apply! Stick with earthy tones (a black bikini is always timeless) and keep any patterns subtle. 


This is a question we get a lot, and the short answer is do what makes you feel best! If you love to get your hair and makeup done all the time then do it! But if you don’t often wear a lot of makeup or have your hair done up, then don’t feel like you need to! We want you to feel as comfortable and yourself as possible, and not feel like you look like a different version of yourself!

Keep in mind that it is very windy in Hawaii, so when it comes to getting your hair done, it can be difficult to keep your hair in place! We think this is great because those windy hair shots are so fun, but it might change your mind on whether or not to get your hair done!


Please don’t feel like you need to go out and get completely new outfits for your shoot! A couples shoot can be a totally great reason to treat yourself to something new, but it is definitely not necessary! If you’ve got a favorite vintage t-shirt or a favorite pair of jeans then those will work just as well as getting something new! Again wear clothes that you feel confident, comfortable and  like yourself in, whether that means something new and exciting, or throwing on something you already own and love!

Dang that's a lot of info!

We know it can feel overwhelming to choose outfits, so we just want this to help guide you in the right direction for your specific style and personality! Again these are just suggestions, above all be yourselves and wear something you feel confident and comfortable in! If you’re unsure about your choices, please feel free to email us photos of your options!! It’s always so helpful to have a second opinion!

Finally check out this Pinterest board for some more inspiration! Here is the link: Pinterest Inspiration This can be a great starting point if you have no idea what direction you want to go! Let us know if you have any questions at all, we can’t wait to shoot with you!! 


Allie + Taylor