We're Taylor and Allie Forward.

A husband and wife duo living our island dream in Maui, Hawaii.

When we got married we knew we wanted a life of adventure, but didn’t have any idea what it would Look like. 

We eat waaay too much Thai and Mexican food and are constantly packing our bags for our next trip. We are each others best friends and can’t believe we get to spend every day together doing our dream job.

Now we spend our days playing on the beach, jumping off waterfalls, and exploring this amazing island.

We work together as Photographers, Videographers, and Business Educators and travel all over the world to capture authentic moments between people in love, and empower other photographers and dreamers to go after their wildest dreams.

These days almost anyone can take some nice looking photos of you, but we want to give our couples more then that. 

We’ve been shooting weddings for 5 years and believe in photos that capture real people, moments and emotions, instead of fake smiles and awkward poses.

We want the couples we work with to look back at their photos and see the true story of their love, connection, and wedding. We want you to remember the long looks, belly laughs, dumb jokes you told each other, and how it felt looking over the ocean holding each other.

We want you to remember the long looks, belly laughs, dumb jokes you told each other, and how it felt looking over the ocean holding each other.

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helping other photographers turn their dreams realities and take their businesses to the next level.

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Our Story

We met through mutual friends in TN, and our first date was a trip with friends to Chicago. We camped on the shores of Lake Michigan, stuffed our faces with pizza and started to fall in love as we explored the city.

6 months later Taylor was proposing, and soon after we got married in Allie’s parents backyard. We spent our first year learning to be married, flipping a house, and photographing weddings and couples. We learned that being married isn’t always easy, but is definitely worth it, that we definitely are not cut out to be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines, and that we loved shooting couples that valued each other and adventure over table settings.

We started our second year of marriage selling almost everything we owned and packing the rest up to move to Maui. We’ve been here ever since and absolutely love our new life here, but seriously do miss Chick Fil a and Trader Joes.

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We seriously love road trips, we took trips to 11 different states and all the way from the east coast to the west in our first 6 months of dating. Our favorite things to sing in the car are Blink 182, Paramore, and Taylor swift. We must’ve been really emotional teens.

We plan our vacations pretty much solely around what we’re going to eat! Aziz Ansari describes it perfectly in Master of None “I pretty much just planned on us eating as much as possible with very minimal breaks in between”. Our favorite cities for food so far are Chicago and Paris!

Taylor is a musician and serious music fan. Allie for the most part just listens to whatever Taylor plays, but also has a serious Justin Bieber crush

We are both 4’s on the Enneagram! That means we want people to like and understand us, but also want to be different and unique!

Allie’s chihuahua Scrappy is killing it on the gram, thanks to allies mom! Follow her @scrappydoodoo

Allie is a serious Riverdale fangirl! Taylor says that its the worst show of all time, but has seen every episode and for some reason keeps watching it…



If we’re going to be friends, here’s some things you should know about us