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We're so glad that you're here.

You only get one chance to choose your wedding photographer, and we're so honored that you're considering us. Although we are pretty laid back people, we take wedding photography really seriously! These are the photos that your grandkids are gonna show their grandkids, and that are gonna be part of your love story forever. Almost everything else you pay for on your wedding day is just there for the day, but you'll have the photos forever!

On a wedding day we try to balance a reverence for that, while also remembering that its your wedding day, and you probably want to enjoy it and not spend the whole day taking photos. We'll definitely get portraits of you two, and some posed photos of your families and bridal party, but for the most part we try to capture the days moments as they naturally occur. Ideally you'd feel like we were just two more friends there celebrating with you (who happen to be really good at taking pictures!)

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Collection I

Full Day Coverage (up to 12 hours)
Second Shooter
Custom Online Gallery
Printing Release

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Collection 2

10 Hours of Coverage
Second Photographer
Custom Online Gallery
Printing Release

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Collection 3

8Hours of Coverage
Custom Online Gallery
Printing Release

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Collection 4

6 Hours of Coverage
Custom Online Gallery
Printing Release



Additional Hour Of Coverage


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Couples Session


Video Coverage

We are so excited to be offering video coverage as an add on with our photography packages. Video is priced at an additional $500 an hour and includes:

Multi-Camera and Drone Coverage (depending on area laws

Fully Edited 3-9 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film + 1 Minute Sneak Peak

Full, uncut footage of Ceremony and Speeches (if applicable)


We believe that its so important for you to print your photos, and wanted to make it easier for you to have a way to preserve them forever. While having your photos in an online gallery is really convenient, its so easy to let them just sit there on the screen and never really experience the power of really seeing and holding those memories. When your grandkids are passing around your wedding photos, its gonna be way more powerful if they're passing around an album instead of a computer (or a hologram tablet watch or whatever crazy technology they'll have)

Our albums are legitimately the highest quality you can buy, we have no doubt they will last forever. Each of our packages includes at least enough album credit to get a basic 10 spread album, and if you want you can upgrade to a larger album or more spreads. And if you don't want to use it, you don't have to! You will still get all your photos in an online gallery, but we feel we have a responsibility to give you the option!


8x8, 10 Spread Leather Album



10x10, 10 Spread Leather Album



12x12, 10 Spread Leather Album


6X6 Mini/Parent Album

A 6x6 copy of your larger album, only available with purchase of a larger album.


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Additional Spreads (Add up to 30)



We're in! How do we book?

Awesome!!! Once you've decided on what kind of coverage you want, we'll send you a contract and invoice! Once you sign the contract and pay a 25% deposit, your date is secure and we are officially all yours!

When will we receive our photos/videos and how?

You will get your photos no later than 10 weeks after your wedding, and video no later then 12 weeks. Photos are delivered in an online gallery where you can view, download, share, and print all of your images! Videos are delivered through Vimeo and Dropbox

How Many Images do you deliver

It depends on the amount of coverage, but you can expect somewhere between 600-1200!

Do you use a shot list?

Nope! We want to capture your day its it naturally unfolds, and will for sure get all of the important moments! The one thing we will ask for is a list of the different combinations you want for family photos!