Our goal is not just to take pretty picture of you, but to capture your day or relationship as it naturally unfolds, celebrate you two, and give you a unique time to focus in on each other and your relationship. On a wedding day we try to balance a reverence for the fact that these are the photos your grandkids are gonna show their grandkids, while also remembering that its your wedding day, and you probably want to enjoy it and not spend the whole day taking photos. We’ll definitely get portraits of you two, and some posed photos of your families and bridal party, but for the most part we try to capture the days moments as they naturally occur. Ideally you’d feel like we were just two more friends there celebrating with you (who happen to be really good at taking pictures!)

Instead of putting you in awkward poses, we’ll guide you into moments that rely on your natural chemistry and connection. If you’re feeling awkward in front of the camera, we will absolutely give you as much direction as you need, but ultimately we want to rely on how you naturally connect with each other and who you are as a couple. You’ll have time to run around together, hold each other, tell dumb jokes, laugh, and maybe even cry. And we’ll be there to capture it, and probably laugh and cry with you.


We feel super awkward in front of the camera, what should we do?

You’re not alone! Almost every single couple we work with us says something like this before their shoot, but then they’re crushing it within the first 10 minutes! We do everything we can to point your focus on each other, not the fact that you’re taking photos. If you’re ready to be open with each other, and celebrate how in love you are then you’ll be fine!

Are you based in HI, or TN and do you travel other places for shoots?

We currently live in Hawaii, but still love TN, and travel back often for shoots. So the chances of us being already in TN (which would mean no travel fee!) for your date is higher then most other places. As far as traveling other places, Heck yes! We are constantly searching for cheap flights, packing our bags, and doing whatever it takes to go on awesome adventures! So we are down to travel pretty much anywhere to shoot with you, and want to do whatever we can to make that happen! You can check out our current travel schedule at the bottom of this page!

Do you shoot elopements?

Oh yeah! Most of the weddings in Hawaii are destination elopements, so we have a lot of experience! We believe it is so important that your wedding day is a reflection of who you are as a couple. If that means letting go of tradition and doing something that is intimate, awesome and perfect for you guys, count us in!  

Do you do boudoir?

Yes! Allie does boudoir shoots, send us a message for more boudoir information and to see her portfolio!

How many images do you deliver?

Every wedding/elopement/session is different, but you can expect anywhere from 50-200 for couples sessions, 200-400 for elopements, and 600-800 for weddings!  

When will we receive our photos, and how?

You will get your photos no later than 10 weeks after your wedding in an online gallery where you can view, download, share, and print all of your images!

What about prints and albums?

 We believe that its so important for you to print your photos. While having your photos in an online gallery is really convenient, its so easy to let them just sit there on the screen and never really experience the power of really seeing and holding those memories. So yes we do! You can purchase high-quality professional prints and canvases directly through the online gallery that we deliver your photos through! And our albums are legitimately the highest quality you can buy, we have no doubt they will last forever. Many of our packages includes at least enough album credit to get a free album!  Contact us for more info and pricing!

Do you use backups?

Yes of course! We never shoot without backups of our equipment, and will backup your wedding photos onto multiple locations immediately after!

Do you use a shot list?

Nope! We want to capture your day its it naturally unfolds, and will for sure get all of the important moments! The one thing we will ask for is a list of the different combinations you want for family photos!

How do we book you?

Send us a message through our contact page and we will get all the info to you! Thanks for checking us out and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Let’s Hang Out!

This schedule is based on current bookings along with our own adventures! We would absolutely love to schedule a shoot with you whether it’s in one of the locations below, or somewhere new that we could add to our schedule. Reach out to us for more information!


Mid-January // Seattle, WA

March 28 – April 8 // Knoxville, TN + Chicago, IL

April 12th -14th // Oahu, HI

End of May // Knoxville, TN

September 16th- Oct. 8th  // Knoxville, TN


March 26th – April 6th  // Japan