One of the things that makes Maui is so special is all the different types of environments we have here!

We have white, black and red sand beaches, forests, jungles, mountains, ocean cliffs, big fields and more! It can be hard to choose between so many amazing spots, especially when you might not have ever been here before, so here’s a list of some of are favorite spots to shoot at! If there’s something else you’ve seen that isn’t on here, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work!

Location Guide


This spot is one of our favorite places to hang out for sunset! It has big green fields on the ocean, and some seriously awesome black rock ocean cliffs! Its right next to Paia town which is a perfect place to go explore and get dinner after your shoot!

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Iao Valley

Iao valley is an amazing jungle nestled in between the West Maui Mountains. It has awesome mountain views, tropical plants, and river running in between. Think major Jurassic Park Vibes!

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Waihee Ridge Trail

Waihee Ridge Trail is a Ridge hike through the West Maui Mountains. It has amazing views of the West Maui Mountains on on side, and ocean views on the other! It takes around 20 minutes of hiking to get to the view, so we would recommend doing an Adventure Session, but it is available for Standard sessions as well!

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Kanaha Beach

Kanaha is a beautiful White sand beach in Central Maui! It has mountain views and lots of space to explore around! It’s also significantly less crowded then other beaches on Maui, so its our favorite beach to shoot at!

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Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is another awesome beach in South Maui, near Kihei! This beach tends to be more crowded then Kanaha, but has great views of sunset! 

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Baldwin Beach

One of the bigger beaches on Maui, this white sand North Shore beach is perfect for sunrise!

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We love this spot for it’s amazing rocky cliffs, lava fields, and beautiful white sand beach! If you’re feeling extra adventurous theres also an amazing bay that you can cliff jump into (its a small jump!) This spot is only available for Adventure sessions!

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Honolua Forest

The best way to describe Honolua Forest is like a Fairytale Jungle! Huge Trees, Palms, and hanging vines. This spot is only available for Adventure sessions, and we usually will shoot both here and at one of the nearby beaches or Ironwoods!

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Road to Hana

This one is for the truly adventurous! The Road to Hana has some of the most amazing spots in Maui: Black Sand Beaches, Perfect White Sand Beaches, Amazing Ocean Cliffs, Caves, Waterfalls and more! Shooting here requires a special Road to Hana Session, check the pricing guide for more info!"

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