How to Spice Up Your Couples Session!

Hey guys!! 

We’re SO excited about this blog post! When planning your couples session, the most important this is that you can be yourselves! We want to capture your love in the most real possible way for you, so we’ve put together some ideas + tips for ways to make your shoot more you! 

Before you get into this, we just want to let you guys know that these are just different ideas we have come up with. So if you read one of these ideas and it sounds amazing, then that’s awesome. But if you think of something else totally different please tell us! We want to hear your ideas and vision, this is just a starting point! 

  1. Go on an adventure. One of our favorite things to do for couples shoots is explore together! Let’s get our feet a little muddy (or sandy) and explore incredible locations together! You could even end the shoot with jumping into the water, swimming in a waterfall, or snuggling on the beach together.  Maui Engagement Photographer
  2. Bring your surfboard, longboard, or bike! (Or anything else you love to do together!) Especially if you two enjoy doing any of these things together, bringing them along is so much fun to incorporate into the session! We could get photos of you hanging out with the surf board, cruising down the street on your longboard, or riding your bikes around! 
  3. Have a campfire or go camping! This is such a fun way to end your shoot, especially if you all love camping or being in the outdoors. You could build a campfire, make s’mores, and make out by the fire!  Hawaii Couples Photographer
  4. Cliff Jump! There are a few amazing spots on Maui for some fun cliff jumping, so why not end your session by doing something adventurous! Something like this would be perfect if you both love adventure! Maui Adventure Photographer
  5. Have a picnic! If you haven’t heard of a “pop up picnic” it’s basically where you can hire someone to come and set up an amazing scene and picnic for you to enjoy! We can take some amazing photos exploring the area, and then finish by you all popping some champagne or sharing a donut! And after you get to enjoy the picnic! Check out if you want more info about her Picnics!  Maui Proposal Photographer
  6. Rent a VW van! Not only is this such a fun way to experience Hawaii by camping in the most magical places (or just driving it around) but it’s a super fun thing to incorporate into your shoot! And if you know Taylor you know his dream is to own a VW Westfalia, so he will absolutely be fan girling the whole time! Maui Wedding Photographer
  7. A really good day. We’ve realized that some of our favorite images come from snuggling on the couch, making breakfast together, going for a walk in your neighborhood, and having some beers on your back porch or favorite brewery. Our main goal is to tell your love story in a way that feels real and true to you, so what’s better than capturing you in your every day life? So that might mean we meet you at your house, take photos of you starting with snuggling in bed and then go on a sunrise hike. Or we meet you at your favorite brewery, go hiking together, and end with a bonfire in your backyard or jumping in the water! Whatever this would look like for you, we’d love to tell your story! Maui Couples Photographer
  8. Get Shave Ice! This is a must do on the island anyways, so it can be really fun to incorporate into your shoot! You could also go get ice cream or coconuts to drink from a fruit stand!  Hawaii Couples Photographer

These are some of our favorite ideas, but there are a million other ways to spend your couples shoot! The most important thing is that it’s totally about you and your boo. 

Thx for following along, you guys rock!

-Taylor + Allie