Zack + Amanda// Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session

Zack and Amanda are so incredible. When they asked us to take their engagement photos I knew we were going to make something awesome together. They had decided they wanted to go hiking and do them on the Blue Ridge Parkway! When the day of the session came, it was pouring all day. The forecast for the mountains was heavy rain, so I called them that morning and asked what they wanted to do, and they said they wanted to go anyways! So we drove into North Carolina, it was raining the entire time. But right when we got to the trailhead it started to let up some, so they put on rain jackets and we started to hike. By the time we got to the top it had totally cleared up and was perfect! We are so thankful for their adventurous spirits because we really did end up making something awesome together!




LOVE THIS + Blue Ridge Pkwy SO much! What spot is that at?! Never noticed that lookout!

Thank you! It is close to mile post 422!

This session is so so so beautiful! Just the fact that you set out without knowing how the weather would cooperate is awesome. Love this!

Thank you Emma!! They were so down for whatever happened it was awesome!

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