This schedule is based on current bookings along with our own adventures! We love to travel and would absolutely love to schedule a shoot with you whether it’s in one of the locations below, or somewhere new that we could add to our schedule. We are currently based in Maui, Hawaii so if your dates aren’t on the schedule, you can assume that we’ll be there, but again would totally love to add your dates to our schedule! Reach out to us for more information!


February 20th-March 5th // Maui, HI

April 5th-8th // NYC

April 9th-17th // Ireland

April 23rd-29th // Portland, OR

July 4th-8th // Portland, OR

Late July // Denver, Utah, LA, Seattle

August-September // Maui, HI

October // TN

November // Back Home in Maui, HI


End of March // Tennessee

Beginning of April // Chicago!

May-June // Europe! (Spain, Italy, & France is our plan, but we are down to go anywhere!)