We're Allie and Taylor Forward

Husband & Wife Wedding Photographers, Dreamers, and Mexican Food addicts!

Describing ourselves is hard, so we decided to let the person who knows us best do it.


“Allie has the biggest heart and the most passion of anyone I know. She is always honest, quick to fall in love and is fiercely loyal when she does. She is a born adventurer, and is the one who is always pushing us on to the next adventure. She is also a born entrepreneur and doesn’t hesitate to chase her dreams, or push others to do the same. To me, someone who always did more dreaming than doing, this has always been so impressive. She makes me a better person by pushing me to be a better friend, say how I really feel, and go after the things I dream about.

She also loves stripes, dogs (or any cute animal) and is obsessed with Thai food.” – Taylor


“Taylor is always true to himself. He knows who he is, no matter who he is with. He is steady and holds strongly to what he believes about the world. He is kind and hopeful. He is extremely creative and is always expanding his passions and interests, and dreaming about the exciting things we might do. He is also calm and optimistic, and doesn’t get stressed because his focus isn’t on the little things that go wrong. He makes me better because he challenges me to always chose love, to know myself deeper and be true to myself, and to loosen up a little bit because everything is going to work out okay.

He also loves dessert more than anyone I’ve ever met (hide them at your wedding!), is an incredible musician, a music enthusiast and a serious synth nerd.” – Allie


Our Approach

Our desire as photographers is not to just take photos of you, but to capture your love in a way that is real and authentic. That means first we want to really know you, and for you to know us, so that we can tell your story in a way thats true to who you are. We'll skip the awkward, uncomfortable poses, and go straight for the laughs, tender looks, and natural moments that come from the two of you just being you. We believe the best photos come from these moments. Head to our info page for more about our process and how we work!