We’re Allie and Taylor Forward. Photographers + travelers currently based out of East Tennessee. We really value relationships, so before we do anything else, we want to get to know you, and for you to know us. So here’s a quick crash course in everything us.

First off we love to travel! Our first date was a trip to Chicago, and within our first 6 months of dating we had been on trips to 11 different states together, including one from the East to West Coast and back! The picture to the right is us at Zion National Park in Utah, one of our favorite spots! We are currently based in East TN but are always planning adventures in new places! You can see our travel schedule at the bottom of this page!

We Just got married in June of 2017! Even though we’ve been to so many weddings as photographers and guests, nothing could prepare us for how special our own was! We feel like after doing it ourselves, we have a whole new appreciation for what getting married really means.

We love to eat. And yeah, we know, so does everybody, but no we seriously love food. On our honeymoon we spent 80% of our time and money just eating, and we have several future trips planned that are mostly based around constantly stuffing food in our faces.

We are very much DIY-er’s, sometimes even stubbornly. We feel strongly that people are meant to create and repair the things they have, and we will pretty much take any opportunity we get to do that ourselves. We are currently flipping our house in Knoxville and have loved not only the challenge but also all the new skills we’ve learned!

We really value relationships and love that our job is based around both capturing your relationships, and building new ones with you!


We have a lot in common (sometimes it freaks us out!) but we have a lot of different interests as well, so here’s a little about us individually!


  •  – loves animals and is daily asking when we can get a dog
  • – has spent time living in Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii, and loves the ocean and just being outside in general
  • – addicted to thai food and ben & jerry’s ice cream!


  • -loves music. plays (or at least tries to) a bunch of instruments
  • – likes to bike, run and ski. hopes to complete an iron man one day
  • – has an actual sugar addiction. hide the desserts at your wedding! (just kidding)


Thats enough about us though! If you haven’t already, go check out our work and then head to the contact page so we can get to know you!

Let’s Hang Out!